Easy jey and ryan air financial

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Easy jey and ryan air financial

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Therefore interest cover ratio of the firm shows how safe the firm is to pay off its interest expense Gitman, If the firm is not in a good position then it leads to higher risk and therefore the firm should increase its earnings before interest and taxes so that it is in a safe position to pay off its interest.

Interest cover ratio is calculated using the following formula: The higher the value of the interest cover ratio, the better it is for the firm because with higher ratio it reveals that the firm is in a safer position than the other firm that has a lower interest cover ratio.

Moreover, the higher value of this ratio shows that firm has the ability and the safer it is. Interest cover ratio of Ryanair Ryanair managed to fetch the interest coverage ratio from point of concern in to a healthy position within single year and then continued the momentum of improvement.

Such as in the point in time in which the company was among the businesses that received bad hit from recession; the Ryanair recovered and the ratio has improved to the attractive position of 5.

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On the other hand rise improvement in ratio of as compare to being This rise generates the origin from decline in operating expenses and year did not incur the cost of maintenance, materials and repairs as well as Icelandic volcanic ash related cost.

In the following year of though the cost of maintenance, materials and repairs was incurred however, income statement presented considerable rise in sales revenue with greater magnitude than expenses. Hence, rise in interest coverage ratio that originated from not incurring certain operating expenses continued with sales improvement in following years.Financial statements of Ryanair and easyJet have been used for the last four years in order to analyze how the two companies have performed over the last three years.

Easy jey and ryan air financial

Financial ratios are calculated of these two companies and then compared which of the company has performed better on that particular ratio. NEON.

Financial Analysis for Ryanair and Easyjet - Part 8

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Easy jey and ryan air financial

Comparing Gearing of Easy Jet & Ryan Air26 Horizontal Analysis27 Easy Jet28 Ryan Air29 Comparing Easy Jet and Ryan Air using Horizontal Analysis30 Balance Sheet30 Income Statement32 Vertical Analysis of the Balance Sheet34 Easy Jet34 Ryan Air35 Comparing Easy Jet and Ryan Air Using Vertical Analysis of the Balance Sheet36 Conclusions & Recommendations38 .

However, in and , EasyJet posted a % and % reduction in sales, while Ryanair posted a % and % fall over the same period, even when the global industry posted a more than 5% increase in revenues (CSIMarket, ).

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