Return of the native theme analysis

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Return of the native theme analysis

Here, the heath symbolizes the rural past before human intervention and also adds to the sense of isolation suffered by those already isolated in human relationships, such as Eustacia and Wildeve.

The heath, though, is seen to be immutable and resistant to change and for some it may be regarded as an optimistic feature as it demonstrates the power of nature of humanity. The vastness of the heath also allows one to see that men and women are, by comparison, just absurdist insignificants.

Marriage The theme of failed marriage is a dominant one as each of the main characters Wildeve, Eustacia, Thomasin and Clym suffers from the relationship they embark upon.

For Thomasin, her marriage to Wildeve occurs because of the fear of what others will say about her after Wildeve all but jilted her at the start of the novel.

She marries, then, for the sake of received moral values and so as not to bring shame on her family. It is evident that marrying for such a reason is criticized as their relationship crumbles. He represents her future dreams of culture and modernity, and because she is blinded by the notion of romance she fails to see the reality of marriage.

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Return of the native theme analysis

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Return of the native theme analysis

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Critical Essays Theme of The Return of the Native Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List He also implies that the universe can be hostile, but he does not use this novel as a vehicle to remind us that "it's a jungle out there.".

Theme of The Return of the Native